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Weekend Damage Control: Take Out

Weekend Take Out. . . For some people the weekend is when they revel in the spare time to try new culinary delights, but for others it means taking a break from cooking and calling out for delivery. If you cook, you know exactly what ingredients are going in and can monitor your portions accordingly, […]

What’s keeping you from a Sexy Six Pack?

In an online poll of women, 62 percent said they were most self-conscious about their tummies. It’s not a wonder since your body has advanced mechanisms designed to store fat in the abdomen every time things go awry. Here are 4 reasons you’re not reaching that sexy six-pack: 1. When you booze, you lose. Well, […]

The Dairy Debate

There are a lot of people that firmly believe that dairy – milk in particular – has no place in the diet of adults. The arguments against consumption of cow’s milk are classically cited as the fact that humans are the only species that drinks milk after the growth stage of life. Well, how many […]

The Good Fat

You read it on the pages of every new diet book that hits shelves in January and hear it preached by dozens of nutrition, fitness and medical experts, “Your body needs fat, but you need to choose the good fats.” Ok, so what are the good fats? There are so many different types of fats: […]