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Which Supplements are Best for You?

Want to really know which supplements are worth your time and money?   Check out this infographic compiling data from more than 1500 studies from PubMed and Cochrane.org. The info is updated regularly on the interactive version found on InformationisBeautiful.net. By clicking the “Show Me” tab to the right of the graphic on the interactive […]

Is Limu for You?

A question was posed to me earlier this week: what exactly is limu and how can it benefit my health and/or weight loss goals? Limu is a form of brown algae indigenous to the South Pacific. In Hawaii, it has been commonly used to perk up the flavor of otherwise bland dishes or enhance raw […]

Weight Loss Lemons

New York Times Medical Writer, Danielle Ofri, M.D., recently covered an article about the weight loss drug industry, bringing to light some very valid points about the weight loss drugs many individuals often blindly consume. If you have ever struggled with weight management, even if only slight, nothing seems like a better idea than the […]

Creatine Supplements: Function, Safety and Efficacy

Creatine was discovered as an effective muscle booster in 1912 and made commercially available to the public in the 1980s when Jane Fonda and Arnold Schwarzenegger were at the height of fitness popularity. Creatine is commonly known as an inexpensive way for slender men to transform into buff, toned beefcakes. Unlike many supplements on the […]

Is Weight Gain Linked to a Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D has become a focal point in the medical and nutrition industries. Unlike any other vitamin, vitamin D acts more like a hormone than a vitamin inside the body. It is involved in many physiological pathways and has been linked to the prevention of multiple chronic diseases, including osteoporosis and breast cancer. In 2009, […]

Are Vitamin & Mineral Supplements Valuable to Your Health?

Several reports out late last year eluded that the daily habit of swallowing vitamins and similar supplements is nothing more than money down the drain. In October 2010, the Iowa Women’s Health study came to a conclusion after nearly 30 years – certain vitamin and mineral supplements increase risk of death in women.  Healthy women […]