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7 Habits that Zap Energy

Despite routine sleep, a healthy diet and reasonably active lifestyle, you feel rundown and completely zapped of energy. When this happens, it can be challenging to figure out the source of your distress. Before you worry that your fatigue could be an indication of a bigger problem, examine your daily routine – some common habits […]

The Good Fat

You read it on the pages of every new diet book that hits shelves in January and hear it preached by dozens of nutrition, fitness and medical experts, “Your body needs fat, but you need to choose the good fats.” Ok, so what are the good fats? There are so many different types of fats: […]

Is Weight Gain Linked to a Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D has become a focal point in the medical and nutrition industries. Unlike any other vitamin, vitamin D acts more like a hormone than a vitamin inside the body. It is involved in many physiological pathways and has been linked to the prevention of multiple chronic diseases, including osteoporosis and breast cancer. In 2009, […]

Are Vitamin & Mineral Supplements Valuable to Your Health?

Several reports out late last year eluded that the daily habit of swallowing vitamins and similar supplements is nothing more than money down the drain. In October 2010, the Iowa Women’s Health study came to a conclusion after nearly 30 years – certain vitamin and mineral supplements increase risk of death in women.  Healthy women […]