Preventive Health Strategies

Life seems to go at 100 miles a minute and you barely have time to think about eating and exercising with deadlines you are rushing to meet at work or fitting in an adequate amount of sleep with a long commute, kids and an endless line of household “to-dos.”

The preventive health plan – it’s really all about you.
photo by Renea D. Cribbs

Living a lifestyle that promotes better health is not about being perfect – it’s about balance. Finding a diet and exercise program that works for you, your daily life and anything else  that might come your way. No one expects you to be perfect all the time, but if you get it 100 percent right 80 percent of the time, that little 20 percent slice can be a whole lot of fun and will not sabotage your efforts.

These pages include information to help you design a preventive health regimen that suits your lifestyle.  When you embark upon the journey to be fit and live well, it is really all about creating a functional plan for you. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all regimen. Nutrition and fitness are very personal and very case specific – that is why as a trainer and nutrition specialist, it is important to know as much about each client’s lifestyle as it is to know about their age and capabilities.

Developing a functional plan includes discovering exercises that drive results in the time you have and at your level of ability. It is also helpful to know the pros and cons of all the fad diets on the market, which foods can lower your risk of  what disease and improve immunity or, maybe even, aid you in defying your genetics.

FUNCTIONAL FOODS are the difference between achieving optimal health and simply having a slimmer waistline – and the foods  listed on this page are loaded with more than traditional, but necessary vitamins and minerals. Click the icon to read more.

VITAMINS AND MINERALS are a vital to optimal functioning, but do you really know which vitamins and minerals you need and why? Click the icon to learn more about the role of these micronutrients in your diet.



FAD DIETS & WEIGHT LOSS have been an obsession in America. Learn about which diets work and which ones don’t, plus get tips for how to make your diet better.

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