Fad Diets & Weight Loss

best diet to lose weight

Fad diets are a definitive part of American culture.

Every January a new “guru” of fitness and nutrition emerges with a powerful plan to “guarantee” weight loss, physical fitness and lifelong bliss. With a plethora of choices lining the bookstores shelves and mingling in ads between paragraphs on the internet, it can be difficult to decide which diets are safe, effective, a hoax or quite dangerous. Get the facts and fiction of the top fad diets to determine which plan, if any, are right for you. In many cases, the most safe and effective diets are those based on the core values of a wholesome, balanced diet.

The infographic below, from DailyInfoGraphic.com, gives a nice, quick snapshot of the top fad diets and success rates – as well as a few facts about what makes a diet really work.

best diet for weight loss



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  1. […] resolutions fizzle. Failure is often linked to a lack of planning or the wrong plan altogether. Fad diets are the most classic example of the “wrong plan,” when it comes to diet –based resolutions. A […]

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