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Is Stress Making You Fat?

Many tired, over-worked Americans are suffering from the effects of a naturally occurring hormone inside your body known as cortisol. Cortisol can cause fatigue, impaired immunity and stubborn weight gain. If you have pounds that won’t budge and no energy to boot, it is time to reconsider your strategy for successfully regaining your health and your […]

What’s keeping you from a Sexy Six Pack?

In an online poll of women, 62 percent said they were most self-conscious about their tummies. It’s not a wonder since your body has advanced mechanisms designed to store fat in the abdomen every time things go awry. Here are 4 reasons you’re not reaching that sexy six-pack: 1. When you booze, you lose. Well, […]

Is Stress Making You Sick?

A study published in early April 2012, revealed that the common cold is not caused to an impenetrable virus, but it is induced by an inflammatory response to the infection. Lead author of the study, Sheldon Cohen, told ABC News, “You want to produce enough of inflammation to fight off the infection, but not so […]

The Myth & Facts of the Morning Workout

It is commonly touted around the gym that morning workouts are best. That seems like bad news for night owls and the large number of people who fit their physical activity in after clocking eight hours at the office. This is a gray area, in fact. When fitness professionals toss around this notion, are they […]