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Is Limu for You?

A question was posed to me earlier this week: what exactly is limu and how can it benefit my health and/or weight loss goals? Limu is a form of brown algae indigenous to the South Pacific. In Hawaii, it has been commonly used to perk up the flavor of otherwise bland dishes or enhance raw […]

FDA Approves New Weight Loss Drug

It’s been 13 years since the FDA has approved a weight loss drug, but hope for “skinny in a pill” is raised once more. The FDA announced on Wednesday that the weight loss drug, Belviq, is safe for long-term weight loss in adults who are obese or overweight, with at least one medical complication related […]

Getting to the Root of the Problem: Fructose

Sugar toxicity. Sugary drink ban. Corn sugar. Sugar, sugar, sugar. It’s on everyone’s mind as the obesity epidemic surpasses smoking as the number one healthcare cost of the nation. Experts are debating the source of the issue and what can be done to stop the plight of disease caused by the expanding waistlines of the […]